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FM Weekly offers one midwife’s reflection on the state of healthcare provision and access, through the trauma-informed care framework, and with critical explorations of empowerment, consent, sex positivity, and reproductive justice. Feminist Midwife, Stephanie, identifies as queer, pro-abortion, and is an experienced writer and leader in healthcare, and with this newsletter seeks to continue more personal conversations from her blog feministmidwife.com. Thank you for supporting this newsletter!

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Your comments and question go directly to the author, and may be addressed directly or in future newsletters. As an instructor for midwife, resident physician, and nurse practitioner students, and as someone who seeks to explore models of empowerment for people who receive healthcare, Stephanie (Feminist Midwife) wants to know what you are thinking about and consider how providers and patients can best talk about it.

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(she/her) Midwife. Queer. Pro-abortion. Writes about consent in healthcare, trauma-informed care, sex positivity, reproductive justice, and healthcare advocacy.